Update: I’m actively looking for research internships and full-time opportunities. I’d love to connect!

Feb 2023: I’m presenting a poster on analyzing robocall audio content at NDSS 2023, San Diego.

Feb 2023: Grateful to be nomination for the Carla Savage Award for outstanding service!

Jan 2023: Our paper “Diving into Robocall Content with SnorCall” was accepted at USENIX Security 2023!

Jan 2023: I’m attending the NC-PaCE Cybersecurity Symposium.

Dec 2022: I’m serving on the 2023 ACM WiSec Program Committee!

Oct 2022: I’m serving on the ACSAC Artifact Evaluation committee

May 2022: Looking forward to an exciting summer internship with the Data Science research group at Mandiant (recently acquired by Google).

May 2022: Career Milestone: I passed my Oral Preliminary/Qualifying Exam. I’m officially a Doctoral candidate!

Apr 2022: Excited to attend RAG 2022 as an invited panelist.

Mar 2022: I’m serving on the WiSec 2022 Replicability Committee.

Mar 2022: I’m part of the IEEE S&P 2022 Poster Jury committee.

Feb 2021: I’m virtually attending NDSS 2021!

Feb 2021: I’m excited to deliver an invited talk at the Privacy and Security Seminar at Duke University.

Jan 2021: I’ll be the TA for the Cellular Network Security course. This course will discuss the secure design and operations of cellular and telephone networks, with a focus on recent research in the area.

Jan 2021: Looking forward to my summer internship at Bandwidth where I’ll be working on fraud and abuse mitigation.

Dec 2020: I passed my written prelim exam!

Dec 2020: Participated in an invited discussion at University of Michigan about our work on robocalls.

Nov 2020: Our work was featured in the NC State College of Engineering Magazine! Webpage and Magazine-PDF

Oct 2020: I’ll be (virtually) attending IMC 2020!

Sept 2020: As a co-author, I wrote an article for The Conversation (a non-profit global news network) about our work on robocalls.

Aug 2020: Our work on Robocalls won the Distinguished Paper Award and the Internet Defense Prize ($100,000 Research Grant) at USENIX Security 2020!

Aug 2020: I’m excited to present our work on characterizing robocalls at USENIX Security 2020! Check out our blog and the paper.

July 2020: In an interview, I talk about my role in our team’s initiative to provide accurate information to international students studying in the US during the COVID-19 pandemic.

July 2020: I’ll be attending the ACM WiSec conference!

May 2020: Our paper Who’s Calling? Characterizing Robocalls through Audio and Metadata Analysis was accepted at USENIX Security 2020!

Feb 2020: Won the Best Poster Presentation Award at NDSS 2020! Poster

Jan 2020: Awarded a student travel grant to attend NDSS 2020. I’ll be presenting a poster on our ongoing work about characterizing Robocalls. Thanks ISOC and NDSS!

Oct 2019: Excited to meet fellow security & privacy researchers in the RTP area and present a poster on our ongoing work about Robocalls at TAPS

Sept 2019: Our paper Thou Shalt Discuss Security: Quantifying the Impacts of Instructions to RFC Authors was accepted at SSR 2019

Aug 2018: Excited to start my grad school journey at NC State. Go Wolfpack!